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NYT Top 50 memoirs from the past 50 years (1969-2019)
Source: NYT Book Review, 7-7-19. NYT ranked the top 25 plus 25 more memoirs from 1969-2019. Use your Abington library card to view the online article about the list and share your favorites via the NYT's interactive site. Contact or the Info Desk for details. Full text:



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Books relating to the NY Times' 1619 Project



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Awarded each May by the Audio Publishers Association



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Audiobooks with wonderful and entertaining readers.



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Recommended reads about people's lives for wisdom, inspiration, and rememberance.



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How to protect your personal information, privacy, and autonomy in cyberspace.



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Read a ghost story on Halloween



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Finding a job takes planning, know-how, and persistence. Here are books to guide you. Also, explore e-resources like Power Library's PA Job Resources and LearningExpress on the library's e-Resources page at


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Learn more about galaxies, planets, interstellar explorations and more.



We have a fascinating collection of books in all major areas of science spanning, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and more. Read, explore and learn more abount these new and emerging areas by reading books in this set.



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Check out these books inventions and innovations. Take a look at some newly purchased books on milestones of engineering, how engineers think, innovations that made the modern world, secrets of successful inventing,how the great inventors proved their critics wrong, and more.